Our latest updates from Dr. Michael Franczak:

Our Inpatient admissions are currently at 1.8% per month for the 9000+ individuals with a serious mental illness that we serve.  The national average for inpatient admission is 8%. 

Over the past four years of the AHCCCS TIP Program the Copa PIR team has met all of the program requirements each year.  The Copa Team has met all of requirements for the first 3 years and the majority of requirements in year 4.

Over the past three years we have worked with 160 individuals who have been identified as high utilizers of Hospitals and Emergency Rooms.  Based on the process we put in place we have significantly reduced usage for a large majority of this population.

In 2019, Copa Health successfully met targets at the Gateway and Arrowhead locations. These gaps in care include Cervical Cancer Screening, Colorectal Cancer Screening, and Diabetes Screening. In 2019 Copa Health met all three metrics at both locations.