Community Day Services

Day Programs

Copa Health offers exceptional day programs for adults with disabilities, designed to help individuals maximize their independence and choices. Through our Community Day Services program, we focus on building personal, social, and pre-employment competencies, enabling adults with developmental disabilities to live full and productive lives. Our adult services provide comprehensive support, including rehabilitation services, health services, and autism services tailored to each individual’s unique needs. We emphasize the development of daily living skills and social skills by offering a variety of programs for special needs adults. These programs include community integration opportunities, experiential learning, and access to community resources. Copa Health’s day programs for adults with disabilities promote community engagement and awareness, giving individuals the chance to participate in volunteerism, recreational activities, social skills practice, and educational activities. We also offer pre-vocational skills development, preparing participants for potential employment opportunities. With flexible options, individuals can choose from part-time or full-time programs to best suit their needs. Our services extend to families as well, offering services for children and day care programs when needed. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to their community. Discover the difference our day programs can make in the lives of adults with disabilities.

Personalized Services & Support

Tailored Programs for Individual Needs

Copa Health’s day programs for adults with disabilities provide a wide range of adult services designed to meet each individual’s unique needs. Our support services include specialized programs for special needs adults, focusing on the development of daily living skills and essential life competencies. We also offer services for children, ensuring that families receive comprehensive care in a nurturing environment. Our goal is to help individuals with developmental disabilities lead fulfilling lives by offering customized care that caters to their specific requirements.

Comprehensive Support & Skill Development

Our rehabilitation services and health services work together to deliver well-rounded care for adults with disabilities, including those with autism. Through day programs and employment services, we aim to provide opportunities for personal growth and skill development. Copa Health’s day services emphasize the importance of building a strong foundation in various aspects of life, from daily living skills to pre-vocational skills, empowering individuals to reach their full potential. We are committed to offering comprehensive support that fosters progress, growth, and independence.

Customized Care for Adults with Disabilities

Copa Health understands that each person’s needs are unique, which is why we provide a variety of day programs and day care services for adults and children with disabilities. Our programs are designed to offer flexible care options, ensuring that everyone receives the assistance and support they require. From autism services to programs tailored for individuals with developmental disabilities, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. By focusing on each individual’s strengths and goals, Copa Health’s customized care helps participants lead more independent, fulfilling lives.

Happy Families…

“Stephen and I had our breakfast at Denny’s on Sunday morning plus the visit and his ‘buying spree’ at The Dollar Store. Knowing him, I bet he told you all about it!  I cannot say enough about the change in him. He projects happiness, friendliness, good thought process and confidence. Again, I want to express my appreciation for all that the day program staff did to make this last move possible. He has returned to us once again and I am so thankful. Take pride in what your group has accomplished as there is no comparison to the Stephen that Linda and I brought to you in year 2011. I just had to share this with you."
Copa Health
A Very Happy Mom
Day Programs for Adults with Disabilities

Empowering Adults with Disabilities: Copa Health's Comprehensive Community Day Services

Copa Health proudly offers Community Day Services (CDS) to over 180 adults and children with disabilities at three state-of-the-art technology locations. Our day programs for adults with disabilities focus on providing skill reinforcement and education in five major areas of human development: cognitive, social/emotional, gross motor, fine motor, and self-help.

Designed to be age and developmentally appropriate, activities at our day programs cater to individual needs and preferences. Support is provided to ensure access to shopping, transportation, recreation, community events, sporting events, and museums. Each program location is equipped with Smart Boards, iPads, sensory equipment rooms, music therapy, and professionally instructed Zumba classes to create an engaging and enriching environment.

Our day programs for adults with disabilities emphasize proper nutrition, the importance of exercise, health management, money skills, and cooking. Many participants in Copa Health’s day programs have a health and wellness goal aimed at enhancing their quality of life.

Person-centered planning teams meet periodically throughout the year to discuss an individual’s choices, assessment, goals, and future plans, along with the services needed to support these accomplishments. Based on assessment results, an individual program plan guides future services, helping each participant acquire skills, increase independence, and celebrate accomplishments.

Nearly 20% of those served in our day programs for adults with disabilities also participate in employment services, working towards greater self-sufficiency through skill development. Transitioning more than 10% of participants into a work setting is an annual program goal for Copa Health Day Services.

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Customized Care for Adults with Disabilities

Experience the Copa Health Difference

At Copa Health, we take pride in offering exceptional adult services, support services, and health services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our day programs for adults with disabilities and programs for special needs adults focus on providing comprehensive care tailored to each participant’s unique requirements. We also extend our services to children and families, ensuring that everyone receives the support they need. With a commitment to quality care and a passion for empowering individuals, we strive to create an environment where everyone can experience the Copa Health difference.

Empowering Independence and Achievement

Our rehabilitation services, autism services, and programs employment work together to help individuals with disabilities achieve greater independence and self-sufficiency. Through our day programs for adults with disabilities, we focus on developing daily living skills and other essential life competencies that contribute to personal growth. Our goal is to empower participants to reach their full potential, fostering an atmosphere of achievement and progress. With Copa Health, individuals can build a strong foundation for a more independent and fulfilling future.

Building Brighter Futures with Copa Health

Copa Health is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support through our day services and day care programs. By offering a wide range of services tailored to the needs of adults and children with disabilities, we aim to build brighter futures for all our participants. Our programs are designed to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals can thrive and develop essential skills for success. With Copa Health by their side, participants can navigate life’s challenges and embrace opportunities for growth, leading to a more vibrant and rewarding life.

Copa Connect

Copa Connect offers respite care to families traveling in Maricopa County. Families with children on the autism spectrum can obtain respite care for an outing with or without their child at one of Copa Health’s facilities, their hotel or other autism-certified sites throughout the county.
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The Villages

The Villages Programs, East and West, combine with our Wellness Centers at 7th St in Phoenix and Marc Ridge in Mesa to provide unique and powerful programs that address the behavioral health needs of our members. 

Our Villages-Wellness settings are staffed with behavioral health and peer support specialists that provide activities and experiences promoting health and wellness for the whole person. Copa Health utilizes the eight dimensions of wellness from SAMHSA and integrated psychiatric recovery principles to ensure the best outcomes for our members.