Dr. Shar Najafi-Piper
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Darwyn Chern
Chief Medical Officer

John Moore
Chief Financial Officer

Stacy Garner
Chief, Integrated Health Solutions

Norm Duve
Chief Development Officer

Dr. Diana Medina
Chief, Clinical Education

JoyAnn Book
Chief Information & Digital Officer

Holly Collins
VP, Housing & Residential

Janey Durham
VP, Employment & Day Services

Rita Martinez
Chief Human Resources Officer

Andrew Terech
VP, Corporate Compliance and Risk Management

Board of Directors

Don J. Fowls, MD, Chair

David M. Day, Vice Chair/Treasurer

Wilford A. Cardon, Immediate Past Chair

Deborah Elliott, Secretary

Jon Scott Williams, Member

Brian C. Middleton, Member

Chris Schneck, Member

Brian Kotsur, Member

Holly Williams, Member

Diane E. Hough, Member

A. Melvin McDonald, Member

José Valdés, Member

Abraham Barton, Member

Dr. Shar Najafi-Piper, Copa Health CEO