Learning to Pivot

Thirty days ago we were welcoming spring training crowds from across the country. Snowbirds created wait lines at our favorite restaurants and life, generally, was pretty good.

Today we have new phrases that have entered our everyday lives – shelter in place and social distancing to name a couple. Life as we once knew it has changed dramatically as the entire planet rallies against a virus that we can’t see, but must all defend against.

Copa Health, powered by Marc Community Resources and Partners in Recovery, has been out front in trying to maintain a sense of normalcy, all the while providing the essential services that we deliver. Because we are in the health services industry, we needed to create ways to still maintain relationships with members and safely protect our employees.

Our behavioral health services In-Home Support Team, led by Program Manager Camilla Parker, has done an incredible job adapting to an environment that is changing sometimes by the hour. Their dedication to their members’ most basic needs has made them pivot from normal care to extraordinary care.

During initial contacts with members, it was immediately determined that more had to be done to keep these extremely vulnerable people of society whole. Many were either out of food or had no way to replenish what little they had on hand.

The first challenge was to obtain much needed food supplies. The second was to get them delivered, as most of the members were unable to leave their homes.

As word spread through many Copa Health programs, the team jumped on the task. Sr. Director of Recovery and Resilience, Hoi Mai, coordinated a tremendous effort obtaining food donations from employees at multiple locations, along with local food banks. Our Employment Related Services group reached out to the Salvation Army for help as well.

Within a short time span, Copa Health was able to deliver food boxes to almost 170 individuals, many of whom were in dire straits. With our Peer Support staff stationed throughout the valley, we had a unique delivery system ready to go!

Several members have since communicated back to staff that these were potentially life altering moments. One said, “I was not doing well. I thought I would have to go steal food. This saved me.”

As we all work our way through this difficult time, we are proud that our staff has learned to pivot and adjust service delivery in many ways. From delivering food boxes to providing telehealth services, our unbeatable team at Copa Health is innovative, resourceful and trailblazers in our community.